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Promotion Rules

Most discounts applicable to online purchases at DiverseSystem.com require a "code", which is always displayed on an information banner on the website. 

Terms and Conditions:

1.The promotion applies to original stores, franchise stores, and the online store of Diverse, trading in the Diverse, CLTN, DiverseExtremeTeam, and Iridium brands.
2. The promotion does not apply to outlets.
3. The promotion cannot be combined with other promotions/discounts.

  1. Only one selected promotion may be enjoyed by entering the relevant code during order placement.
    5. If other promotions/discounts are held at the store on the same day, the Customer must select only one.
    6. Returning goods sold on bundle promotion, e.g. with a 20% discount on a second (cheaper) product or the "buy 2 products and get the 3rd for 1 PLN" type:
    If the consumer withdraws from the contract of sale fully or partially (with respect only to selected items), the price of the Order is calculated again to exclude the Merchandise given up by the Consumer in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of the Promotion; in such event, the Vendor reimburses the Consumer with the difference between amount A and amount B, where amount A is the price of the original Order placed by the Consumer and amount B is the price of the Order corrected to account for the partial withdrawal.

If the Client returns one product, which is not eligible for a code discount, out of two that together allow to purchase a third, cheaper product for 1 PLN, the promotion no longer applies and the product originally sold for 1 PLN goes back to its regular price.
7. Products bought on promotion are refunded in accordance with standard principles.
8. Any refunds concerning products covered by promotion should be claimed in written form at a sales point. Refund claims are considered at every store.


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